I Have Only 61 Days Left

Here is the letter that started my on my Inmates to Entrepreneurs mentorship:

Nov. 9, 2011

To Sageworks,

Thank You for coming to Jobstart.  I look forward to seeing you soon.  I want to get this business on the ground.  You guys gave me hope that it can happen.  If there is anything I can do to get it started now or any information for me please send it to me.  I only have 61 days left.

Thank you.


Also enclosed was the I2E Questionnaire:

1. Why do you want to start a business?  [I want to be my own boss work for myself.]

2. Briefly describe the type of business you intend to start and why you have chosen this business?  [Catering business to maybe in 8-10 years.  I want my own restaurant.]

3. Describe in detail the product/service you will sell.  [Food anything from birthday parties to business meetings.]

4. Why will customers want to buy your product/service?  What is unique about your product/service compared to your competitors?  [Quality, always willing to satisfy the customer.]

5. How much will you charge for your product/service?  [I don’t know yet.  The price of the food, equipment, labor, and other charges that will acquire the price.]

6. Describe the group of people (market segment) to whom you will sell.  What do they have in common?  For instance, think about age, gender, education, location, etc.  [Any.]

7. How will you reach your customers to motivate them to buy?  [Word of mouth, start out little, advertisement.]

8. How do you plan on keeping your customers?  [Quality, performance.]

9. How will you get your product or service to your customers?  Will they come to you, or will you deliver to them?  [Come to them.]

10. List and describe your direct competition.  How will you compare with them regarding price, quality, and service?  [Price depends on how much I have to put into the product.  Quality best food ever.  Service on time.]

11. Describe your experience related to this business, if any.  [Serve Safe, I took on hand traninng for all areas in Food Service.  I have recommendations.]

12. What are your goals for this business? (Sales & Profit for year 1, 2, 3)  [To one day have franchises.]

13. What aspects of your personality will help ensure the success of the business?  [My attitude towards people]

14. How much cash will it require to start this business?  [ ? ]

15. Will you need to hire anyone to help you run this business?  [No]

16. What will you name your business?  [H____’s Catering.]

17. Are you currently incarcerated?  If so, what is your expected release date?  [Yes   1-2-12]


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