Graduation Musings

My daughter graduates from college this week, with a major in International Studies.  She has gotten a terrific education, developing a global perspective on many levels.  She studied abroad on 3 continents, and visited more countries that I have.  Speaks multiple languages and has a cultural sensitivity and awareness far beyond her years.

Now what?

I don’t ask that question about the near term.  She has a plan – to spend the next year teaching English overseas, then hopefully another year of work / travel / language / culture immersion, followed by graduate school.  But then what?

The skills she is developing will be useful – perhaps in law, or diplomacy, or academia, or commerce, or some sort of long-term Eat, Pray, Love experience.

It will be interesting and facinating to watch her future unfold, to see how the changing world opens new doors while also closing familiar ones.


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