Execution over Ego

On Friday I stopped by to visit a client (buy-side) who closed an acquisition last month.  This being a retail business, they decided not to change the name on the store, and not to make a public announcement regarding the change in ownership.

In other words, the normal, ego driven tendency to make a big deal about closing a deal was subservient to a more pragmatic, customer-centric approach.

While I was there, business was brisk, employees happy and helpful and my client was beaming.

(Normally at this point I would want to identify the business and encourage all blog readers to become their newest patrons.  But that would defeat the purpose of this post.)

I had not been in the store prior to closing the acquisition, but my client described a few changes they had made, nothing major, mostly emphasizing better customer service and reflecting an understanding of the customers’ needs and wants.

It was very refreshing, and I wish and predict much success.

— David Bass

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